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                      Home Renovations Milton, Halton Hills, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding cities
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                        Halton Renovations specializes in design, installation, plumbing, electrical, contracting and
                        all aspects of a successfully completed home renovation project.

                      Welcome to Halton Renovations

                      Your home and basement renovation specialist proudly providing quality services and competitive pricing for customers in the Milton, Halton Hills, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and the surrounding cities.

                      About Company

                      As a leading home and basement renovation contractor, our goal has always been to provide professional services at competitive prices.
                      Home Renovation

                      Home Renovations

                      Halton Renovations offers complete home renovation services from basement to kitchen, partitions to additions and flooring to painting.
                      Basement Renovation

                      Basement Renovations

                      Basement renovations differ depending on your needs and budget. The options are endless.

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                      Get your free consultation

                      Contact Halton Renovations today for all your basement and home renovation needs. One of our experts will visit you to offer a free consultation and quote on your project.

                      Project Gallery

                      A picture is worth a thousand words. Below are photos of some of our basement and other home renovation projects, visit our project gallery to see more.

                      Request A Free Quote

                      For basement renovations or any other home renovations project, contact us by phone or with the form below to receive free consultation and quote.
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